Friday, June 28, 2013

Resources by Men

Some of the resources on the "My Favorite Resources" list are by men.

However, I decided to also make a list of resources regarding circumcision that are all by men.  Some folks feel that this topic is dominated by women.  I believe that women should definitely have a huge role in this.   However, if you are interested to hear from men themselves, there are certainly plenty of places to hear from them!  Please note that while I have promised to keep what I post myself free of certain words and images, I do not claim that these extra resources have the same requirements.  I will add more so feel free to check back!

Not Just Skin, Ryan McAllister, PhD

Men Ask, "Why was I circumcised?"

Child Circumcision: An Elephant in the Hospital (video)

Uncommon Sense from a Common Dad

Penn and Teller on Circumcision  (Language warning!! Video)

Circumcision: Will You Make the Cut?

Chad's Story

Cate's story    (See comments-two men give good insights)

Dr. Sears, Pediatrician, Whether or not to circumcise

Circumcision, the Whole Story (Video-graphic pictures, in medical setting)

Circumcision: Our Bodies, Our Choices

Raising Our Sons: Support from Circumcised Fathers of Intact Sons

Global Survey of Circumcision Harm

Father has Talk with son about Infant Circumcision

To the Happily Circumcised American Man

Stop the Cutting

The Circumcison Secret

Birth of an Activst: Reflections from David Wilson

Men Do Complain

Hebrew for Christians-Should a Christian be circumcised?

Recovery from a Botched Circumcision

Intact Male Celebrities and their thoughts on the matter 

Realization of Circumcision

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  1. roger desmoulinsJuly 4, 2013 at 7:15 AM

    Many men writing on this tender topic are men angry that they were circumcised. The author of the following link is a gentle American male bemused by the fact that he was left intact.