Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Healthy newborn in NICU following circumcision

This literally turns my stomach.  I have a knot in my throat, and tears. 

I have learned from a friend of a little one she knows who has been fighting for his life after his circumcision surgery.

He was a healthy, full term, newborn baby  boy.  Perfect and loved.

His circumcision, done not for medical, nor religious reasons, nearly killed him.

He spent several days in the NICU on life support.

He has lost a good portion of his penis.

His adult sexual function will be altered.

He is days old, and has already had to have a surgery (in addition to his circumcision surgery) and there are many more in his future.

Friends, this is preventable.

All this happened, to this precious child, for no reason.

This HAPPENS.  It happens to real people.  To real babies.  Innocent babies who have not asked, nor do they need cosmetic surgery on their genitals.  It could happen to your baby. 

Please don't risk it.  It's not worth it.

That's all I can say about that.  Pray for this child.


  1. It is my experience that men who restore their foreskins, even those who have been at it a few weeks and begin to experience benefits NEVER circumcise their boys. If only there were some way of getting to every prospective Dad 5 or 6 months before the baby is due so they can change their mindset on circ. before the baby is in danger. Please share my efforts to promote this widely: iPhone/Pod/Pad application 2 support sites both with my unique, homemade grandmotherly touch: on this page we make an ongoing exploration of the long term ill effects to general health and on the Facebook page try to keep up with the new sites, info and intactivists
    In August 2010 I presented "Healing the Harms of Circumcision: A Nursing Case Study" of a couple who saved their marriage through nursing intervention including foreskin restoration. The first two pages are available at read pages 1 and 2 of Chapter 8

  2. roger desmoulinsJuly 4, 2013 at 7:07 AM

    Thank you for revealing this horrible incident.

    What I hate most about RIC is how it makes liars out of doctors and hospitals. How it puts the head of so many well educated Americans deep in the sand.

    Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes.

  3. What was "not broken" is now very broken, including the bond between this precious baby boy and the parents who should have protected him.

  4. It's frightening how fixéd people's minds can be about something this unnatural. I spent so many hours trying to convince my sister-in-law not to sentence her second male child to circumcision. I used every conceivable argument (and she has always been very receptive to my ideas) and plea, but because she didn't want her 2nd child to be "different" from her first (even though they are 9 years apart), she still went forward with the procedure. :(

  5. Sad poor baby boy. I will add this to my site and get the word out.

  6. I often wonder what makes a mother do this kind of thing. I never wanted to face what was done to me.

    When, at 42, my mother repeatedly betrayed me in emotionally abusive ways, it also inadvertently pushed me to finally face my mutilation. I broke contact after fruitless, hurtful attempts at communication. It surprised me how easy it was to do that and it as since repeatedly astonished me how easy it is for her not to even question or to ask to talk. I can just imagine her with her placebo prayers, insisting she is right, that her god will make everything good and that she has all the "rights" of a parent over me. Always this talk of rights and inability to take responsibility for anything. The absurdity of it all. The utter stupidity and willful ignorance. The waste. I must have been born in a cave.

    I am restoring now. It is a long tedious process, but it is my lifeline. It makes me happy to know I can finally take charge somehow of something I had no say.

    When they say it breaks the bond between mother and child, believe me it is true.

    1. Most people get their babies circumcised because societal influences lead them to believe that they should or for the sake of religious tradition. I am sure the parents who have their babies circumcised truly believe that they are making the very best decision for their baby. After all, rarely would a parent do anything to intentionally adversely effect their child. The only way to combat ignorance is through education.

    2. Hmm, yes. The logical conclusion of that kind of thinking would be that if a mother were to amputate the child's big toe because it might get stumped oneday, it could also be seen as only meaning well. Nice try.

      At some point one can only say: babies and children need the law to protect them against parents' "well-meant" ideas. I appreciate the fact that there are parents such as Carrie Mullins who have even gone to the lengths of putting up a blog out of regret, and I think she has proven her character, nonetheless - babies need to be protected from such a brutal religious and medical abuse. That "right" was never afforded them and it should be criminilised.

      No nice way to get around that.

    3. Another problem is the the DOCTORS usually don't know anything, either! Most of the male doctors are circumcised, themselves and don't want anyone to tell them that the part that was cut off of their own bodies and thrown in the garbage was really a very important part. It takes more courage than many have. It's easier look for excuses to keep doing it.

  7. I agree about education! That is the purpose of this blog. I fully admit that I circumcised my sons in ignorance. I hope that people will help spread the word and share the information so that parents can know the truth.